And now she is…

How many stories do you know that start with the following: A terrible thing happened to her and she almost gave but, but instead she did this and the world was forever changed.  I know a lot of them. With most artists, whatever their medium, this is a common beginning. Would we have Harry Potter … More And now she is…

When’s It My Turn?

Over the past few years, I’ve watched many friends and acquaintances leave New York City for various locations. Some went to other cities. Some went back to their home states. I watched this happened and it planted the seed inside me that maybe I needed to leave. I was frustrated and stuck on a plateau … More When’s It My Turn?

Office Kool-Aid

I hate Fridays. Why? Because I hate when people say “Happy Friday” to me. It makes my skin crawl. It feels sugar coated and gross and I hate that it is what is said Friday morning instead of “Good morning.” Don’t pop into my office and say “Happy Friday!” like it’s my birthday. It’s not. … More Office Kool-Aid

Finishing The Hat

Is it your 30s that make you question every move you’ve ever made or is it just being an adult? Because either way, if Neverland is real, can someone let me know where the nearest fairy is at so I can score some pixie dust and move on out? I made Lincoln play this questions game … More Finishing The Hat