Life On Pause

It happened. The downswing. February. The new year buzz has worn off and we are now in winter, it’s snowing, and I am on month three of having no job. Here we are. I have been feeling like my life is on pause. I’ve attempted to do some soul searching in the past two weeks … More Life On Pause

Sitting, Waiting, Watching: Everyone’s Friend Depression

I like to imagine my depression and anxiety as a little crooked creature, not unlike a goblin, with long claws and a mischievous face watches me constantly from a chair in the corner. When it isn’t in the chair, it is on my back, breathing down my neck, constantly weighing me down. Currently, it is … More Sitting, Waiting, Watching: Everyone’s Friend Depression

And now she is…

How many stories do you know that start with the following: A terrible thing happened to her and she almost gave but, but instead she did this and the world was forever changed.  I know a lot of them. With most artists, whatever their medium, this is a common beginning. Would we have Harry Potter … More And now she is…

When’s It My Turn?

Over the past few years, I’ve watched many friends and acquaintances leave New York City for various locations. Some went to other cities. Some went back to their home states. I watched this happened and it planted the seed inside me that maybe I needed to leave. I was frustrated and stuck on a plateau … More When’s It My Turn?