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All my life I wanted to live in a city. Growing up in the suburbs makes you want that easily. I wanted to be an actress and live in a big house and have my face on magazines and awards on my mantel. I wanted a handsome equally famous husband and several golden retrievers that would sneakily swim in my massive in ground pool when my back was turned. I practiced my award show speeches and prepped for my Broadway debut in Rent (my first contemporary favorite). When you’re a kid with a dream, nothing seems impossible. I was going to play Mimi in Rent (naive little girl didn’t realize Mimi was not white) and win a Tony while writing novels in my spare time. My high school friends would be in awe of me and say things like “I always knew she was destined for something great!” and tell their friends about the time we were in West Side Story together growing up.

I moved to the city. I fell in love with it immediately. New York is a creature all it’s own. It has it’s own rules and unique challenges. Living in New York is unlike living anywhere else. It saved me. It destroyed me. It helped me grow into who I am today.

I left the city. I moved into a smaller city; a city I grew up near but never really was absorbed in it until now. It isn’t the suburbs but it’s not a metropolis. I am still an actress. I will always be an actress.

I want to write about my journey and what I am discovering about the business of acting and the worlds we try to do it in. The cities, the suburbs, the mountains, the basements. Is there a right place to do art? Do you need to live in New York or LA to be called an actor any more? How can I convince those who haven’t been exposed to everyone being an artist that I am in fact an artist, and a good and experienced one at that, when I mentioned I moved from New York City to Burlington, Vermont?

At this time, I have only lived in Burlington six months almost to the day. Naturally, I have already discovered a multitude of differences. I panic every few days thinking I made a mistake but then something will surface that reminds me why I left and why I am still an actress, an artist, a storyteller and maybe trusting my heart to go back to the green mountains was the best choice I could have made in my life right now.


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