The Film Fest

A little over a year go, Lincoln and I made a short film called “Pillow Talk.” We made it with some our of incredibly talented actor friends and our incredibly talented filmmaking friends. It’s a five minute sex comedy. We worked the story together and Lincoln crafted a script. It was the best thing we … More The Film Fest

The Art Show

I was featured in a gallery show called The Art of Horror with a project I was a part of with my best friend and artist Matthew Woods. We had four photos from our collaboration entitled The Final Girl Project which we shot before I left New York for an afternoon into the evening with beers … More The Art Show

The Fashion Show

I’ve always wanted to strut down a runway as a model. Standing tall at 5’3, this bucket list item wasn’t something I thought I’d ever mark off. However, small pond offers are different than ocean offers and sometimes, you get to pretend to be a supermodel for two short minutes even if it’s not exactly … More The Fashion Show

The Big Step

I used to love coming home to New York. I would see the skyline and my heart would sing. I would feel at ease in my little world. Then a year or so back, I never wanted to go home. It first started when my husband and I would travel to Disney World and leave. … More The Big Step

How It Began

My first real introduction to acting was with Vermont Fairy Tale Theatre Company run by an amazing woman named Jennifer Lavoie. Jen is an incredibly talented force of nature and one of the best Peter Pan’s I have ever seen. She created a group of kids from 8-18 and we wrote, composed, choreographed, performed, and … More How It Began