The Haircut Theory

Right before I get a haircut, I have a great hair day. The hair that has been driving me nuts for weeks, laying flat, feeling stringy, suddenly is rejuvenated and lush and perfect. It gives me pause and I start wondering if I should get the haircut I was picturing. Maybe I just want a … More The Haircut Theory

Life On Pause

It happened. The downswing. February. The new year buzz has worn off and we are now in winter, it’s snowing, and I am on month three of having no job. Here we are. I have been feeling like my life is on pause. I’ve attempted to do some soul searching in the past two weeks … More Life On Pause

Sitting, Waiting, Watching: Everyone’s Friend Depression

I like to imagine my depression and anxiety as a little crooked creature, not unlike a goblin, with long claws and a mischievous face watches me constantly from a chair in the corner. When it isn’t in the chair, it is on my back, breathing down my neck, constantly weighing me down. Currently, it is … More Sitting, Waiting, Watching: Everyone’s Friend Depression